Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Limited Concept of God

A limited concept of God (Good) produces limited expressions of Good in our lives. That is why it is wise to let go of all of the old concepts of God, and let God define what Divinity is to you, instead of trying to force life to fit into your concepts of reality.

An understanding of a God of Love is many times more powerful than beliefs of a punishing God that is ready to smack us down for the slightest err. Even in our darkest hours God is still there, waiting for our invitation to enter in to our hearts, minds and lives.

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  1. “I am behind you, before you, beside you— Choose a path, any path, said God… All roads end where they begin, and each will take us home. Just choose, keep walking, and remember how much I love you; I’ll be there as you go forward, and I’ll be there when you look back.”
    Heather K. O’Hara