Saturday, February 5, 2011

What is Freedom?

Man is a freedom seeking being. Anything that he believes has power over him he has given his power to. There will come a time when he will want to see it differently and he will rebel against the situation he has created, while not even realizing that he is the one that set it up that way in the first place. This is called the merry-go-round of life, and will continue until he awakens to the true cause in his life. The statement, "attitude is everything" is his wake up call, and once he gets this his journey of awakening to his true nature will have begun.

"Freedom is the basic concept and construct of life everywhere, because freedom is the basic nature of God. All systems which reduce, restrict, impinge upon, or eliminate freedom in any way are systems which work against life itself."

Neale Donald Walsch

We are free when we hold no one in bondage. Mental bondage is one of the biggest forms of slavery that is prevalent on our planet and most of us are not even aware how deep this is.

To lose the idea of dominion is to lose the idea of freedom. This is the secret doctrine open freely to him that receives it in truth by giving his God and his neighbor absolute freedom."

Emma Curtis Hopkins

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  1. You cannot always control your outer world, yet you can always choose to fill the inner you with strength, with faith, with confidence, with love. Put positive energy into the inner you, and the rest of you will benefit greatly.

    Ralph Marston