Friday, February 11, 2011

Unhappiness is a Wake-Up Call

Unhappiness is a wake up call, and that is its only purpose in life. Once we have become aware of, "This isn't it, and I don't like it," it is important to not resist it, but drop it at the Altar of Truth, get back into the Silence and declare what is real and true. "This isn't Real, I'm done with it now. Only God is Real, and there is no absence of God or things of God, for the Omnipotence of God is Omnipresent and always Good. This that I am beholding is just nothingness; it has no power and it has no law to support it."

If we are seeing anything less than Perfection, it is our wake-up call to get up to date with God. "There is nothing wrong with the Earth in my idea of Perfection. Perfection is Good, Good is God, God is Perfection. If I am seeing anything as being less than perfect, I am not seeing correctly, for in God's Kingdom all is well, and very well indeed! If God didn't make it, it wasn't made."

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