Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Divine Contract

This is from Heather K. O'Hara and is reprinted with her permission. I will also place a link to her Facebook Fan Page where she has some Good things to say:

The Divine Contract

There is no other in this world given the right or the power to define
who you are.
No one shall rob you of your value, nor shall any other determine your
None shall steal your integrity, decide your character, or destroy your
No other shall discredit your success, seize your potential or dismantle
your honor; and no one shall discourage your dreams, erase your spirit,
or dissuade you from your truth.
None are given the power to diminish your love, shatter your
confidence, efface your trust, or extinguish your passion.
No one shall lead you where you do not choose to go, nor shall
anyone interrupt your unique relationship with your Self or your God.
Your free will is your right of empowerment. You, and only you, have
the intrinsic design and the divine authority to walk beyond anything or
anyone who does not enhance, encourage, or inspire your greatness.
No other is permitted to confiscate your happiness and replace it with
guilt or fear… You have not traveled this great distance to be anything
less than your own magnificence; and you are entitled to extraordinary
joy. Your entitlement is your most powerful virtue.
Be this virtue.
There is no need to buy a ticket when you are the train.

Heather is asking those of us that agree with this to go to her Facebook Fan Page, sign your name and share it with your friends:

"It’s the perfect time to review and renew “The Divine Contract” and I’d love to see a thousand signatures or more in the comments section below by this time tomorrow! Please sign your name if you agree to it and then share it with your dearest friend(s), and please ask them to sign it too—together we ARE the train! Much love to all, Heather"

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