Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meeting Life's Problems Spiritually

No matter what your problem is, God is bigger. No matter what your weakness is, your potential for strength is bigger. No matter what your fear is, love is bigger. And so it is. Affirm it. Know it. Receive it. Become it.
Marianne Williamson

Whether we are aware of it or not (and usually we are not), "God is closer than our very breathing, nearer than our own hands and feet," and is only awaiting our invitation to come into our lives. We were not meant to live in lack, limitation or inharmony, but we must open out the door to allow our own imprisoned splendor to come into expression. We can do this by "Affirming, Knowing and Receiving" the Love that is ours by Divine right, even though our five physical senses may testify differently.

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