Monday, May 2, 2011

The Tao of Leadership

I found this on Global One TV: Consciousness-Based Television Online, and will also share the link so you may check it out. This is the wonderful thing about the age we are in, where we have instant access to a wide variety of spiritual teachers of different disciplines, each with their own unique way of expressing the same Truth, that God is all, and we are all One in the Spirit.

Consciousness-Based Television Online

The Tao of Leadership

if you want to be a great leader
you must learn to follow the tao
stop trying to control
let go of fixed plans and concepts
and the world will govern itself

the more prohibitions you have
the less virtuous people will be
the more weapons you have
the less secure people will be
the more subsidies you have
the less self-reliant people will be

therefore the master says:
i let go of the law
and people become honest
i let go of economics
and people become prosperous
i let go of religion
and people become serene
i let go of all desire for the common good
and the good becomes common as grass

Tao Te Ching
verse 57

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