Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Doorway Is Waiting to Be Opened

The Doorway to Infinity is there for all to open, yet it cannot be forced by the selfish and arrogant, nor entered into by the cringeling. We must enter in as heirs, "joint heirs with Christ to all of the Heavenly Riches."

"Your objective is to ask love within you to make its presence known, to have an awareness of being so full of love that this is what you have to give away. That's all you have to do--ask and receive. By doing just that, you'll attract more of what you're giving away."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

"When we are spiritual, we do not try to bring great things to pass, yet they come to pass. The most wonderful achievements of mankind have been brought to pass by confidence in some wonder-working unseen power."
Emma Curtis Hopkins

Our Inner Being is ALWAYS standing by, awaiting our invitation to reconnect. The separation has been in our false perceptions.

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