Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Must Stand Firm in Truth

We must stand-fast in our knowing and affirming the Truth, as that is what changes and clarifies the distorted pictures of "reality" into ever unfolding, higher concepts of Good. We have been told by all of the Great Lights that have walked on planet Earth to "Have Faith," as that will bring the Good into our lives that is rightfully ours by our Divine Birthright, but we must be firm and not give in to appearances.

"You have the power to be firm. God is, and God is present. Be firm. Call on God. Call again. Be determined not to be refused. God in you has Supreme rights in the universe. The God in the universe can be plainly seen by insisting."
Emma Curtis Hopkins, The Judgment Series

One moment of seeing the "Face of God" will totally transform our experience.

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