Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Taming is in the Framing

It is how we react to what is going on in our mental process that determines the appearances in our lives. I now look upon the distractions that come up when I am knowing the Truth about a person, place, thing or condition as a chemicalization; that is, in order to realize Health, Wealth, and Happiness, which are the Truth of our Being, we may have to go through a process whereby we will face any and every negative thought, feeling and emotion that comes up with the attitude of, "Go off to the end of the universe and come back to me as a strength!"
Then, where I saw fear, I now see faith; where I saw hate, I now see love; where I saw lack, I now see abundance; where I saw sickness, I now see wholeness; where I saw sorrow, I now see joy. The key is to not see these negative traits as an enemy to overcome, but as the next logical step in the full Realization of the Truth. "Resist not evil." "Be transformed by a renewal of your mind." Do not make the same mistake as many in organized religion make. You can't be transformed by fighting error. You are transformed by including whatever comes up in your prayers and meditations, and letting your own Inner Being move you through your own fears and doubts to those of Spiritual Harmony.
When you get to that point, then the healing will follow, often in a way that others may say is just another one of those "coincidences in life," but you will know the truth of why it happened. And as those "coincidences" keep happening in your own life, and those around you, your own faith in the Trancendent Power will grow.

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