Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little About Me and My Beginning the Spiritual Path, Part 2

It was my own dissatisfaction with myself that made Hill’s works so appealing. Nearly three years later, after we moved to Northern California and having several more mystical experiences, I developed a burning desire to find out about life and the way the Universe operated. I studied just about everything I could get my hands on and went down a lot of blind alleys in my search, but my prayer was in asking for more Truth, Wisdom and Understanding, and it seemed like I learned something in every blind alley that I traveled down. I realized later that it was my prayer for wanting the Highest and Best Truth, Wisdom and Understanding that I was somehow guided into the next step of my own unfoldment.
Perhaps this also explains why I was never able to totally embody any philosophy, religion or movement that I studied or participated in, no matter how much I may have wanted to. With that said, I am deeply appreciative for those that have gone before me that have shed a little light on my path, for without them it would have been very difficult to make what little progress that I have made. I realized that much of the error in organized religion was not in the founders, but in the followers who didn’t have the same level of understanding as the founder. Their interpretations were not as pure and they often had intentions for purposes contrary to their leader’s true teachings.
I will capitalize words that are referring to God or the Divine Attributes that make up our spiritual nature. This will help define what I am talking about. I will quote from various spiritual resources in order to make a point, and I will give them credit when I do. I will also refer to my past experiences to help clarify or somehow make a point in the topic of discussion.

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