Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why the Rich Get Richer (Where's Mine?)

If we are not at peace with the wealth, accomplishments and positions in life of others, we have cut ourselves off from our own Good.
By rejoicing in the Good of others, we place ourselves into a state of Allowing Good to come into our own lives, often in seeming miraculous ways.
One of the quickest ways to block, hinder or remove the good in your own life is to become jealous, resentful or disdainful of the good of others, no matter how it was attained.
One of the quickest ways to increase our good is to bless and admire the good of others.

Why? All Good comes from God. When we attack Good anywhere else in the world, we are attacking our own connection with God, thereby increasing that which is not-Good in our own lives.

There is no peace in righteous indignation, jealousy or vindictiveness.
If we are not at peace, we are not in harmony with the Highest and Best outcomes for our life experiences, because we have blocked the free flow of Spirit in our lives, and then blamed people, places, things or conditions for what is going on around us. Even if a person has all of the wealth and power in the world, if he has not peace, he has opened up the door for the unwanted, for it is that important, that we be at peace, so that the Spirit and things of Spirit can flow into our lives.

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