Friday, July 15, 2011

Changing Our Devils Into Angels

This world may present pictures of inharmony which are contrary to my standards of good, but when this happens it is my right and my duty to transform the way that I am reacting to them so that I will not be seeing myself as a victim of my circumstances. I recently answered a lady who had a "deep hurt from two years ago" that she had difficulty getting past. She also wanted to know if you could hurt and forgive at the same time.
My answer to her second question was "No, you haven't fully forgiven yourself, or another, until the pain has been transformed into a much higher emotion than what you are experiencing. This is possible, but it will take work on the part of anyone who has yet to forgive. I then shared my own thoughts about how to deal with the hurt so that it wouldn't run her life:

I found that by allowing the energy of the pain to be there, and then changing my self-dialogue from "I hurt," to "Forgive them, they know not what they do," or "I live in a loving, supporting, joyous Universe" (or something similar), has worked wonders for me. If I make a positive affirmation out of the negative, it tends to diffuse the negative energy. I once used this method to forgive someone and it only took about 5 minutes to do, where before, it had been eating at me for months. I had to have the same intensity of my new attitude that I had when I first accepted it, the lie about myself and/or others, as what was really true in the whole situation.

"If we are seeing less than God, we are seeing incorrectly."
Joel S. Goldsmith, 1892-1964, a Christian Mystic and Healer that had a worldwide ministry and wrote over 30 books.


The hardest part of forgiveness, or anything else that is uncomfortable, is taking that first step. Once that first step is taken it will get easier to do.

Update II

I just ran across this article on forgiveness which coincides with much of my post:
Forgiveness Brings Healing Like Nothing Else

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