Friday, January 14, 2011

The Right Attitude in Helping Others

When I offer help to others from the standpoint that I am strong, and they are weak, I am doing them no real service, in fact, it is actually adding to their problems. I have to see them in my mind and in my heart as already being perfect, which will open up gateways of good into their lives, because my smaller, reactionary self will be out of the way, and will no longer be contributing to their state of lack.
"I behold the Christ in you, and glory in your perfection." Once I accept this as being true, all is complete in my life because all is complete in Divine Mind and nothing needs to be done to make life perfect, for it already is. I behold the Perfection in all people, places, things and circumstances. There is nothing to resist; there is nothing to change, heal or correct in order for life to become Good, for it (again) already is. As I see only the Good, I attract only the Good, not only in the experience of myself but in those around me.

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  1. There are ways to help others which empowers them without demeaning who they really are.