Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Helping Attitude May Be Harmful When Mis-Directed

We have been cautioned not to judge others for their lacks, limitations and transgressions, as the measure of our own judgment will be measured back against us, but little did I know to what extent this goes, and the deeper I got into the various mystical writings of the world, meditating and contemplating over just what certain statements are saying, the more I understood that I could not afford the luxury of a single judgmental thought, because it would someday come back to haunt me. Let me share what others have said about this.

"When you expect another to succeed without your help, you see them as their Source sees them. When you believe another needs your help, and you attempt to shore up their weakness with your strength, you help them not." From the Teachings of Abraham. Esther and Jerry Hicks, Getting into the Vortex, page 116

"Why do you say, 'I do not accuse myself of selfishness'? Because every person you see is an expression of your own traits of character. When he is set right (in your consciousness), you are set right." Emma Curtis Hopkins, Scientific Christian Mental Practice.

"As you forgive others, you too, shall be forgiven." Jesus

"The man I see, is the man I be." Unknown origin from the 19th century.

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