Friday, October 29, 2010

The Magic of Imagination

My Imagination is the key to solving all manner of problems in my life. I have found that it is my connection with my Inner Being and allows me to have access to Infinity. Once I have connected with Divine Imagination, the inner fire has been lit, and the doors have been opened so that Good can come into my life in the form of healings, supply, harmony and rich, new ideas that supply answers to my own questions and needs.

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  1. Most of us were taught that, "Seeing is believing," but our teachers understood it the wrong way. It should be, "Believing is seeing," which is in line with the Mystical interpretation of the Bible. It has statements like, "According to your faith, be it onto you," and, "As you believe in your heart, it will be done onto you." There are many more statements that the metaphysicians have been using for the past 150 years, but I believe these will do, for now.